Our Firm actively represents its national and foreign clients in civil litigation, IPR, commercial, taxation, criminal and constitutional proceedings. The litigation lawyers regularly appear before the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, District Courts, Consumer Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals, etc to safeguard and promote the interests of the Firm’s clients in a dispute.

Our Firm holds immense experience in international as well as domestic arbitration.The Firm acts in numerous arbitration court cases in numerous regions of infrastructure development, company disputes, and contracts within the area of production and engineering, records generation, and home and cross-border investments.


TKG holds exceptional experience in advising and representing its clients in Domestic, International Commercial, and Bilateral Investment Treaty Arbitration including court-related arbitration issues. Our lawyers have significant experience in various aspects of international and domestic arbitration. The firm advises on the full spectrum of international and domestic arbitration, including drafting of an arbitration clause, assisting in the selection of arbitral seat, advising on the procedure of appointment of arbitrators, and advising and representing clients from the commencement of arbitration until the final hearing and, towards the end, assisting in enforcing of arbitral awards or taking recourse against the same.