Assault & Battery

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Years of Criminal practice and a disciplined approach permit the our company to increase its understanding in interpreting exigent criminal instances with whole transparency and truthful dealings through committing


Did someone threaten you? Did someone attempt to physically harm you? Did someone touch you in an unwanted manner? You can file a lawsuit for assault and/or battery.

Our teams of battery or criminal force lawyers are specialists in such cases for Bail and Trial.

Our lawyers have represented victims of numerous types of assaults,including sports violence, bar fights, domestic violence, and sexual assault. We recognise that a physical assault can leave you with physical and emotional scars, and we are devoted to handle your case with sensitivity and care to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. An assault can result in criminal assault charges being filed against the accused person and also result in a civil claim being brought against that same person. We can assist with the filing of a civil claim that can result in monetary damages to compensate you for physical and psychological injury as well as financial losses resulting from medical costs and income lost from time off work.