We counsel and provide legal services in matters relating to Negotiable instruments, Offences under the Indian Penal Code, Domestic Violence, matters relating to bail, defamation, Matters related to Fraud, Cheating, Offences relating to Documents and against Property marks, Offences affecting Public Health, Human body, and many more.

Years of Criminal practice and a disciplined approach permit the our company to increase its understanding in interpreting exigent criminal instances with whole transparency and truthful dealings through committing


We are experienced in resolving cases involving all kinds of theft. We conduct investigations discreetly, determine the best defense strategy, and obtain favorable outcomes for our clients.

We at TKG are committed to providing proper guidance for the required paperwork for the victim of theft or robbery. Our professionals work in a dedicated manner to achieve justice in the need of a case and try to bind up the case in the shortest possible time to save you from the inconvenience caused by the regular visits to the court.

Theft can include offenses ranging from stealing to breaking, entering, and stealing. Theft and related offenses are considered serious criminal offenses. If you are charged with any theft-related offense, you will need a special lawyer to advise and help you.